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Elm - Year 1

Welcome to Oak Class-Year 1

The teachers in year 1 are:

Mrs Ward: Monday - Wednesday

Mrs Leworthy: Thursday - Friday


Learning Support Assistants:

Miss Brown

Mrs Hutt


Important Information

P.E - Wednesday and Thursday

Please ensure you come to school in P.E kit on these days.


Forest School and Music - Tuesday

For Forest School, please ensure you have waterproofs to cover your PE clothes and wellies.


Curriculum Information Spring 2024


This term our topic is Space and we will be starting with the book Here Comes the Aliens by Colin McNaughton. We will be creating our own aliens and using these as an inspiration for our writing. We will also be creating our own poetry, instruction writing and space facts. We will be focusing on using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. We will be developing our sentences by adding conjunctions and adjectives. We will also be learning about homophones e.g. sea and see and compound words e.g. football, seaside. 



We have a daily story slot after lunch, during which time we read a variety of picture books. Every child in the class is heard read by a teacher over a two week period. We also have a lovely group of parent readers who hear the children read regularly. 



In Maths we will be counting up and beyond 20 with a focus on teen numbers. We will be finding 1 more and 1 less, using a number line to compare, order and estimate numbers to 20. We will be doing addition and subtraction up to 20, finding number bonds to 20 e.g. 17+3 or 8+12. We will be finding doubles e.g. 3+3 and near doubles 3+4. Then we will be looking at the place value of numbers up to 50 and partitioning into tens and ones e.g. 45 is 4 tens and 5 ones. We will be investigating numbers up to 50 and their place on a number line including finding 1 more or 1 less. We will be finding the height and length of objects using non-standard measurements and centimetres. Finally we will be learning about mass, by comparing weight e.g. heavier and lighter and capacity. 



This term we are learning about everyday materials. They will be taught to distinguish between an object and what material it is made from. To identify a variety of everyday materials including wood, glass, plastic, metal, water and rock. They will then learn about the properties of these materials and compare and group them based on their properties. 



This term we are learning about the history of Man in Space, covering the first moon landing and famous astronauts. 



After half term we will learning about the location of the hot and cold areas of the world in relation to the equator, North and South Poles, the seven continents and 5 oceans. 



This term we are learning about Belonging and how important the groups we belong to are from school to a church or synagogue.



This term we are learning about how to achieve our Dreams and Goals and then Healthy Me which is about how to look after our bodies and minds. 


Design and Technology

After half term, we will be focusing on textiles and making puppets. 



This term we will be all about drawing and developing our skills to create observational drawings using a range of media. 



This term we will be using the ICT suite and using the programme purple mash to learn about following and creating simple instructions on the computer (Lego Builders), then using basic direction keys keys to create and debug an algorithm (Maze Explorers) and finally to use 2Create a Story to create an e-book (Animated Story Books).



This term they will be learning music theory and Ukulele level 1. 



This term we will be learning dance, ball skills using our hands and feet and racquet skills.


This year the 1 phonics test will take place the week beginning 10th June 2024.


Parent Partnership
We are always happy to discuss anything with parents and carers to help to support children in learning or to provide pastoral support. If you would like to meet, please contact the office to arrange this.