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Ash - Year 3

Welcome To Our Class Page


Meet The Team


The Year 3 teacher is Mrs Woodward 


Mrs O'Malley, Mr Becket, Mr Van Der leeuw, Mrs Wood, Mr Ball and Miss Hedges are the Learning Support Assistants. They are all supporting the class at different times throughout the week.


Important Information


P.E - Wednesday and Thursday

Please ensure you come to school in P.E kit on those days.


Forest School - Wednesday every 2 weeks

Please ensure you have waterproofs, wellies and warm clothing for Forest School.




Curriculum Information



This first half of Spring term in English we will be basing our work around "Charlie and the Chocolate factory". We will be starting with some work around character descriptions and then focusing on the features of a newspaper and finally completing our own newspaper report. In Spring 2 we will be delving deeper into the book and we will be looking at the different language Roald Dahl uses, using descriptive and persuasive language and developing our powers of persuasion. 




Over the term will be practising a variety of comprehension (VIPERS) skills including: inferencing and predicting and we will also be covering a number of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation objectives. Reading is such an important skill; it really unlocks all areas of the curriculum. We will be using Charlie and the Chocolate factory to focus our reading skills.





There will be a weekly spellings lesson and we will be following the Rising Stars programme of study. We will also be running Phonics groups to continue this support beyond KS1.



Year 3 / Spelling word list




We follow White Rose Maths scheme at Long Crendon. Throughout this term, we will be covering: multiplication and division and length and perimeter.  We will be stretching and challenging the children by including both fluency and problem solving sessions.

Each Wednesday we will be running a mental maths lesson where the children will be focusing on their times tables and a range of mental calculations.


RE - 


We will be looking at what a sacred text is and different texts across different religions.




Our focus is 'Dreams and goals'. Within this we will be focusing on: accepting that everyone is different how to respect yourself and others. In Spring 2 our focus will be on 'Healthy minds'.


History & Geography 


Our History will be focused on the Stone age. We learn when in time the Stone age period was , how the Stone age people hunted and gathered food, What Stone age art was like and how it was created in caves, we study Stone age sources and discuss why they are important and we learn about Stonehenge. In Spring 2 our focus is all about chocolate: Where it originates from, how it is sourced and grown alongside looking at the life of a cocoa farmer.




Our Science topic for Spring 1 will be Rocks: identifying different types of rocks, investigating their different properties, looking at how rocks change over time, learning how soil is made and learning about fossils and how they are made.

In Spring 2 we will be learning about forces and magnets focusing on: pushing and pulling, magnetic and non-magnetic and magnetic fields.


Art & DT 


For Spring 1 our focus will be cooking and nutrition, this will include: looking at seasonal foods, foods from around the world, cutting and peeling foods, tasting different foods and designing our own puff pastry tarts.

In Spring 2 we will be looking at the digital world and wearable clothes. We will be looking at wearable technology, light up wearables and product concept.


PE - This is taught by Sports 4 All





At Long Crendon we use Purple Mash in our ICT lessons. 




Learning Log Homework

Homework is due in on a Wednesday and handed back to the children on Fridays

We have a choice of tasks to complete from our homework grid.


This term the learning log tasks are linked to our topic of the Ancient Egyptians




Reading Diaries

Reading diaries are to be handed in on a Friday. We encourage children to read at least 3 x per week.  


Times Tables Practice

. We encourage children to complete Times Tables Rock stars at home 3 x per week to support their times tables knowledge.


Homework Grid - Chocolate

Supporting Your Child's Learning at Home


Our experience has shown us that the support children get from home has a positive impact on their learning. We hope you find the below information useful.


See below for useful websites:


Parent / Teacher Partnership


We are always open and happy to discuss your child's schooling. We are keen to ensure your child receives a 360 approach to their learning throughout their year with us. 


Therefore, we aim to keep communication open. Each day after school we are at the gate should you wish to catch us. You can email or phone the office with queries and questions, which we will endeavour to respond to quickly. And, as well as this we can offer face-to-face meetings or phone calls, which again, can be arranged by the office.