Parent Council

The Parent Council is a representative group of parents who provide parental input to the school improvement process, allowing the School Leadership to consult with parents on school matters in an open, consistent and structured way. Parent Council members obtain feedback from other parents of their child’s year , they then share at the Parent Council Meeting usually held twice per term.

It’s a great forum to be able to highlight issues which parents would like the school to consider and for the school to be able to garner parental feedback on school initiatives.

Recent topics of discussion have included homework, school meals, school uniform, school trips and the swimming pool.

If you feel like you can make a difference and would like to get involved, please let Mrs Leith know. There are usually two representatives from each year at each Parent Council meeting. However, if more than two parents in any one year group wish to be involved they are very welcome to attend the meetings on a rotational basis. Please refer to The Parent Council Terms of Reference.

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Council Member, please read the Terms of Reference:

Parent Council Terms of Reference. Autumn 2021.docx

and then contact your Class Rep or Mrs Leith.