Year 6

Welcome to Year 6. This is an exciting year for both the children and the adults that work in the year group. We are always excited by the changes that the year brings and have many memories that we treasure from the year group.

Staff working in Year 6 are:

Ms Jennings (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mrs Bowden (Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Fleming (Monday morning)

Mrs Moore (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

We hope that the children enjoy this year and the challenges that it brings.

This term, in Year 6,  we are studying the coming of the railways in the Victorian era. Our main topic will be based around the  book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty.  Our topic web has been constructed by taking the children’s ideas as to what they already know about the Victorian era and what they would like to know. No doubt there will be lots of exciting  work, new ideas to explore and even a trip out. 

In Year 6, homework is set by both  Ms Jennings and Mrs Bowden, throughout the week.  All homework is to be handed in on a Monday, unless it is research for a particular lesson, in which case the children will be given a clear date. At secondary school deadlines are non-negotiable.  It’s important that the  children  get into the habit of completing and handing work in on time.  We encourage children to record all homework in their jotters and these need to be brought into school every day. There is also an expectation  that children will  read or share a book with an adult on a regular basis (at least three times a week). We are tackling spellings slightly differently this year – instead of children being given a weekly list of words to learn , we will be asking the children to focus on learning the rules associated with different spelling patterns.   Children will also be given an individualised  list of words to work on , taken from the Year 5/6 statutory list.  See link below.


All tables need to be secure. They should be regularly revisited.