Year 5

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 – we hope that you are looking forward to the year as much as we are.

This year the teachers in Year 5 are Ms Jennings (Monday – Wednesday), Mrs Bowden (Thursday – Friday) and supported by Mrs Moore (Tuesday – Friday).

Welcome to Year 5

We are really excited to start our year with a new topic on Arctic adventures. We will be looking at the Titanic – its voyage, the people on the ship, the series of events, etc. After this we will be using our text ‘The Island’ to look at a personal journey in the Arctic.

We are still in the planning stages of many aspects of the term so that we can enrich the children’s learning whilst adhering to Covid guidelines.

Useful Information


At the moment we hope that the children are settling in to a routine of being in school again. We will be setting homework over the next few weeks – watch this space for tasks etc.

In the mean time don’t forget that it is really important to share reading with an adult at home at least 3 times a week, practise your times tables and learn your spelling rules.

Useful Links

We have compiled web links that we feel would be useful for children and parents. Have a look at our Useful links document for ideas.

The Department for Education have also compiled a list of links for all children. Have a look at the DfE web links 

The link for Purple Mash

BBC Bitesize is a fantastic site for all subjects

Online safety at home for ages 8-10

Online safety at home activity 2 for ages 8-10

Online safety at home activity 3 for ages 8-10

Online safety at home activity 4 for ages 8-10

Link to Forest School Saxon Soup Recipe

Supporting Your Child’s Learning Journey at Home

Below, please find a guide to learning spellings,  the Statutory Spellings for Y5/6 and a booklet covering  the grammar covered in Year 5.

Spelling Guide for parents


Grammar Year 5 parents guide

Grammar Year 5 parents guide

Take a look at our writing non-negotiables.  Make sure  you use these to help you with proof-reading.

Year 5 writing


Parents often tell us that they struggle to find age-appropriate books that  appeal to children as they reach upper KS2.

Please see our suggested reading lists to get your children inspired.

Year 5 Books

How to support your child with reading