The Year 4 teacher is Miss Nolan and is supported by Miss Pople

There is a creative and investigative approach to learning and a focus on maths and literacy used in cross-curricular activities.

Our topic for Summer 1 is Around the world in 80 days


Year 4 will be having PE on Tuesday afternoons & Thursday mornings – We will be focusing on Catching & Fielding & Tennis up till half term. Then it will be Athletics & Swimming from half term till Summer holidays

Competitive sports will take place every 3rd Friday afternoon.

Children are encouraged to have their PE kit at school everyday should the opportunity arise.


In Year 4 reading regularly at home is actively encouraged.

Book Wars will continue after the holidays and children need to read to an adult at least 3 times a week at home.

Book Wars parents booklet

Book wars children’s booklet


In Year 4 children are assessed against the Year 3/4 Statutory spelling list at the beginning of the term. This is done so that spellings can be tailored to the individual child. In class we cover a different spelling rule every week with focused teaching in school and lots of games & investigations. In addition to this the children will pick 2 or 3 spellings from their individual list to work on in conjunction with the spellings in class. Children will copy these down into their blue spelling books along with a set or words based on the current week’s spelling rule. These need to be practiced at home as well as in school. They will be assessed by dictating out sentences to the children for them to copy down. This allows us not only to focus on spellings but on punctuation and grammar as well.  This then allows the children to see the spellings in context rather than just learning them in isolation.

Useful links

I have attached the whole year Curriculum Plan & our topic webs so far

Year 4 Curriculum Map 2018/19

Autumn 1 topic web – Ancient Civilizations 

Autumn 2 topic web – Bottoms, burps & bile

Spring 1 & 2  topic web  What have the Romans ever done for us?

Summer 1 Topic Web Around the world in 80 days 

Mathletics: I am encouraging the use of Mathletics this year to help develop the children’s confidence in Maths. The log ins have remained the same. If you need a reminder just let us know and we will remind you.

Bits & Bobs

Set: Friday  Due: Wednesday

The children will have a grid in their homework log and should complete one activity per week and bring it back into school for checking. If the children would like to do anything extra then Mathletics is a great resource to use.

Autumn 1 Homework Grid – The Mayans

Autumn 2 Homework Grid – Bottoms, Burps & Bile

Spring 1& 2 Homework Grid – What have the Romans ever done for us?

In Year 4 children learn a set spellings each week based on their individual needs based from the Year 3/4 National Curriculum Statutory Word List. There will be x3 weekly focused spelling sessions in school where there will be a focus on dictation and practical application of the spellings.