Year 1 – Chestnut Class

Welcome to the year 1 class page.The year 1 teachers are Mrs Ward (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Duffy (Thursday and Friday) who are supported by Mrs Parkin.

Welcome to Year 1

As school is closed we would still like you to maintain a level of education whilst at home. Please use the links on this page under Useful Links to find some different activities. Have fun!!!
Over the following weeks we will be updating this page on a regular basis so please make sure you keep coming back to have a look at what exciting tasks we have in store for you!
Don’t forget that Mrs Ward and Mrs Duffy are still on hand to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to email us.
Staff working in Year 1 are:
Mrs Ward (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Mrs Duffy (Thursday and Friday)

Work to do at home during school closure:

Our writing non-negotiables:

• Correct posture is in evidence when sitting down to write.

• Finger spaces are evident between words.

• Capital letters are used for names and the personal pronoun ‘I’.

• Capital letters are used at the start of sentences and full stops at the end.

Spend at least 10 minutes every day working on counting on and back in steps of 2, 5, and 10 from any number.

Learn your number bonds to 10 e.g. 5+3=8, 5+5=10 etc…

Read at least 3 times a week with an adult and discuss the text

Practice spelling and reading the tricky words phases 2-5.

Practice reading and writing your phonics.

Seesaw activities every week.

Reading at Long Crendon School

Useful Links for Homeschooling

EnglishICT games (all year groups):

Top Marks (EYFS)
Top Marks (KS1)
Top Marks (KS2)
Super sentence stacker -storywriting
Book themed activities
Amazon’s audible service has waived charges on a cache of children’s audio books.

Parent User guide for Rising Stars:


Phonics Play –


Bubbles Multiples (year 2 +):
ICT Games (all year groups):
Top Marks (EYFS)
Top Marks (KS1)
Top Marks (KS2)
Carol Vorderman free access


Whizz Pop Bang (all year groups):
STEM competetion for families at home


Joe Wicks:
Cosmic Kids Yoga:
A range of activities that the youth sport trust have compiled to be completed at home
A range of rugby activities to complete from home
Physical activity through lots of fun games and activities
Activities that can be done by the family with minimal equipment at home
Unicef resources which are great to complete at home
Loads of PE resources to be used
Fun games to be completed from all ages
Jump Start Jonny – fun daily workouts for children


Hour of Code:

Music Klass – you tube

National Theatre:

Useful 5 course webinars for parents

Useful websites recommended by the government

Useful links