Year 1 – Chestnut Class

Welcome to the year 1 class page.The year 1 teachers are Mrs Ward (Monday to Wednesday) and Mrs Duffy (Thursday and Friday) who are supported by Mrs Parkin.

Welcome to Year 1

We have been working on space since January – this was going to run up until Easter. While you are at home, why don’t you have a look and see if there is anything else that you could do towards the topic that we haven’t covered due to the school closure.
As school is closed we would still like you to maintain a level of education whilst at home. Please use the links on this page under Useful Links to find some different activities. Have fun!!!
Over the following weeks we will be updating this page on a regular basis so please make sure you keep coming back to have a look at what exciting tasks we have in store for you!
Don’t forget that Mrs Ward and Mrs Duffy are still on hand to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to email us.
Staff working in Year 1 are:
Mrs Ward (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
Mrs Duffy (Thursday and Friday)

Work to do at home during school closure:

Tasks that you need to do:
Have a go at tasks that we have created for our class from this School closure grid.

Spend at least 10 minutes every day working on counting on and back in steps of 2, 5, and 10 from any number.

Learn your number bonds to 10 e.g. 5+3=8, 5+5=10 etc…

Read at least 3 times a week with an adult and discuss the text

Practice spelling and reading the tricky words phases 2-5.

Practice reading and writing your phonics.

Useful Information

Useful Resources to use while the school is closed.

The link for Purple Mash :

BBC Bitesize is a fantastic site for all subjects

Have a go at coding on the Hour of Code

There are lots of activities on Twinkl that you can use for free during closure

Classroom secrets for kids are great websites for fun activities in all subjects

Another website that is free for everyone during this time is free time with kids

Useful links