For Children

Our House system

When joining the school, all children are divided into one of four house groups. Siblings are allocated to the same house as each other and pupils stay in the same house throughout their time at the school.

Aims of the House system: To foster a sense of identity and community, to encourage team spirit and working together to achieve a common goal.

Vertical integration is positive for all, building relationships with other year groups allows children to make new friends, and older children have the opportunity to be role-models for younger children. 

Staff Heads of House play a key leadership role in the school and are the face of their House, inspiring the children and working with the pupil Heads of House. 

Staff Heads of House 2020-21

  • Hawthorn (yellow) Mrs Bowden
  • Maple (blue) Mrs Woodward 
  • Rowan (red) Miss Brown 
  • Alder (green) Miss Nolan

House Points
They can be awarded to the children for a number of different reasons:
for positive behaviour that demonstrates the values in and around school. It can be for work that shows great effort for that child in particular or teamwork amongst children.

Children will also gain house points at House events such as Sports Day, by taking part in the activities and gaining points as a team.

The House Captains collect the points weekly from each class and the results are announced in assembly. At the end of every half term the running totals are announced by the House Captains. Running totals are displayed on the House Display. A cup is on the trophy shelf with the ribbon of the house that is currently in the lead with the most house points each week. At the end of the year a shield and cup is awarded to the house that has gained the most house points over the year and the winning House celebrates with a special treat.

House Points