Vision & Values

Long Crendon School: The place to grow

Long Crendon School is a place where pupils experience positive values in context. Pupils learn how to apply and talk about values appropriately. They become self-motivated, and their behaviour becomes calm and purposeful.

The combined principles of values-based education and growth mind-set underpin a sense of unity and positive direction, nurturing wellbeing and resilience. Reinforcing this ethos within our school are our core values: Unity, Courage, Resilience, Kindness , Enthusiasm, Honesty, Respect and Equality.

Values-based Education

A Values-based school offers:
• A fundamental approach to high quality schooling, influencing and enabling pupils to develop fully as individuals and creating connectedness to parents and the wider community.
• A philosophy of being and living that permeates school policy and day-to-day practice and supports pupils to develop reflection and self-responsibility for behaviour and actions.
• A practical and transformative tool which enables pupils to shape their future and gives meaning and purpose to their lives.

For more information about Values-based Education (VbE) please follow this link.

The Growth Mindset

Someone with a growth mindset:

  • Believes that intelligence, gifts, talents & qualities can be cultivated through effort
  • Has the belief that qualities can be developed which creates a passion for learning
  • Is a risk taker; they recognise the value of challenging themselves and the importance of effort
  • Has a realistic understanding of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Acts upon and learns from constructive criticism
  • Understands that success is about stretching & developing yourself to learn new things
  • Believes they can develop know they learn from mistakes
  • Takes satisfaction for own gains
  • Understands that low effort is a risk as you may not learn something new

At Long Crendon we aim to promote the Growth Mindset in order for our learners to achieve their potential in all that they do.

So what can you do to help?
Have a look at our presentation about Growth Mindset, which tells you much more: Growth Mindset Parent Presentation Sept

What language should we try to use to enable our children to learn to the best of their ability and form the Growth Mindset? Have a look at the document about Growth Mindset Language.

What behaviours do you see in your child? Do they have a Growth or a Fixed Mindset? In order to help your child learn effectively we all need to understand the reason why they are displaying any particular behaviours. Have a look at this document to help you look out for the different Mindset behaviours.

Carol Dweck is the inspiration behind the Growth Mindset. Watch this 10 minute clip where she talks about the power of the word YET!

Have a look at this presentation from our open evening to see how we progressed  with the Growth Mindset Parent Open Evening – March 2016