Curriculum Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement

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FS Curriculum Intent Statement

FS Curriculum Map 2021

We follow the National Curriculum, and each subject is led by a staff member.

Here is our Curriculum Map for 2021-22 for all year groups: Curriculum Map 2021-22

Our Curriculum Intent Statements which give an overview of what is taught, how it is taught and how learning is assessed:

Maths Curriculum

English Curriculum

Phonics at Long Crendon School

Science Curriculum Intent

Computing Curriculum

Art Curriculum

DT Curriculum

History Curriculum

Music Curriculum

PE Curriculum

RE Curriculum

French Curriculum

Wellbeing & SMSC

Forest School Curriculum

PSHE Curriculum Intent


We have rewritten our school PSHE policy in line with the new statutory guidance for RSE in primary schools from Summer 2021. Please read our PSHE policy 2021 and the RSE primary schools guide for parents. Comments from our consultation have been uploaded here.

Comments for Consultation from Parents, Governors, Staff and the Wider Community 

Thank you for pulling all of this together and making the content and how it fits into the school ethos so clear. It encourages parents to talk with you at a policy level and/or as an individual. I particularly like how it is clear the concepts are addressed at the child’s level, building up their independence and still knowing where to seek help. I also hope parents will discuss it with their families and friends as now it is clear what is covered. ( For those not familiar I would just put LotC in full in first paragraph). Kind regards
A really good document, well explained, clear and sensible.
Thank you for sending out the [information] about the PSHE curriculum.
It was interesting to read about the elements that the children are to be taught throughout the school. As some of the areas taught could be quite sensitive and lead to further questions at home, will there be a way of knowing exactly what is being taught so that we are ready to follow up? Could the class teacher contact the class rep so that’s WhatsApp could be sent out to forewarn parents?
One thing about remote learning which was positive is that we knew the specifics of what our son was learning and while I hope we never have to go through that again, I do wonder how LCS can support parents to understand more about the specifics of the curriculum rather than referring to the general points in the National Curriculum. Best wishes,
RESPONSE – You are absolutely right that some areas are sensitive and will no doubt lead to questions at home where they feel safe to do so. Class teachers will communicate with you when they are teaching aspects of the RSE curriculum that is sensitive. This will come through ParentMail to all parents so that we know everyone has received the same message. We will aim to communicate with parents as much as possible about questions and topics that arise in school, topics that we are due to teach, when that will be and any further information we feel pertinent to that class.
Just want to say that your PSHE curriculum is brilliant. It’s everything I would want my child to be taught in school. At times we have worried that LC School self censors due to conservative religious pressure, particularly from [a particular church]. It’s heartening to know that our children are getting a comprehensive education about the world around them, despite living in a bit of a bubble. [Our son] is already pretty well informed about health, sex, same sex relationships and definitions around transgender and pronouns, but as an only child, I think it’s great he can engage in discussion about it with his peers. Bravo

Road Safety Policy Spring 2021.docxThis Road Safety Policy is part of the school’s travel plan which encompasses a range of initiatives to encourage families to walk, cycle or scooter, for at least part of the journey, to or from school.


Curriculum Meeting presentation 28.4.21

English at Long Crendon

Resources referenced in the presentation:

Reading question prompts

How to support your child with reading

Spelling Guide – some helpful hints

Reading lists, grammar non-negotiables and grammar parent guides can be found on the appropriate class page.


Curriculum Meeting presentation 17.05.21

Maths Curriculum 17.05.21


TTRS parent-guide

NumBots parentletter

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

Sex and Relationships Education Policy

We have just started a PSHE programme called ‘Jigsaw’ which is a comprehensive scheme of work that has been produced in line with the DfE recommendation for statutory PSHE (including high quality SRE). There will be further information to follow as well as an information evening for parents (date to be set).

In the meantime, here are some recommended books to generate discussion between parent and child and support the SRE curriculum in school.

Lower Key Stage 2:
‘Where Willy Went’…  – Nicholas Allen
‘Mummy Laid An Egg’ –  Babette Cole

Upper Key Stage 2:
‘Usbourne Facts of Life, Growing Up’ (All about adolescence, body change and sex) – Susan Meredith and Robyn Gee

These books are all available from local booksellers or online. They are just suggestions and it is up to parents to read them first and assess their suitability for their own child/children.

Outside the Curriculum

At Long Crendon School, we aim to provide a breadth and balance of experiences alongside the curriculum, providing opportunities to participate in local and global community events.

The following images are from a whole school art exhibition that marked the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.